Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (JINA)

A collaboration among the University of Notre Dame, Michigan State University, the University of Chicago, and Argonne National Laboratory, JINA is a National Science Foundation-funded Physics Frontier Center. The center fosters interdisciplinary collaborations, workshops, research programs, and educational initiatives at its participating institutions and within the field of nuclear astrophysics at large.

The origin and fate of matter in our universe are the fundamental questions in nuclear astrophysics. The statement by Carl Sagan "we are made of starstuff" highlights and summarizes the fascination of this field. The desire and need for understanding the cosmos on the femto-scale while interpreting observations and events on the tera-scale created a momentum of intellectual fascination and challenge which has propelled the field to the forefront of physics.

JINA invites the scientific community — astrophysicists and nuclear physicists, theorists and experimentalists, U.S.-based researchers and those working abroad — to actively participate in this endeavor and help make this project a success and a useful resource for the field of nuclear astrophysics. More