Past Meetings and Conferences

Workshop on a Recoil Separator for ReA12

NSCL/FRIB, East Lansing, MI
July 11-12, 2014
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Third International Symposium on Nuclear Symmetry Energy (NuSYM13)

NSCL/FRIB, East Lansing, MI
July 22-26, 2013

Low Energy Community Meeting

Michigan State University
August 23-24, 2013
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LFW 2012

East Lansing, Michigan
April, 2012
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Second Workshop on Isotope Harvesting at FRIB

East Lansing, Michigan
July 23-24, 2012
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2011 Fall Meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics, American Physical Society"

East Lansing, Michigan
26-29 October, 2011
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East Lansing, Michigan
18-20 August 2011
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Tenth Exotic Beam Summer School

East Lansing, Michigan
25-30 July 2011
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Third Workshop on Nuclei and Mesoscopic Physics

East Lansing, Michigan
5-9 March 2011
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Acceleration & Innovation Workshop

East Lansing, Michigan
8-9 October 2010
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NSCL User Workshop 2010

East Lansing, Michigan
18-19 August 2010
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FRIB Equipment Workshop

East Lansing, Michigan
20-22 February 2010
organized by FRIB Users Organization Executive Committee
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EFES-NSCL Workshop on Perspectives on the modern shell model and related experimental topics

East Lansing, Michigan
4-6 February 2010
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NSCL User Workshop 2009

East Lansing, Michigan

10-11 August 2009

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3rd National Nuclear Physics Summer School

East Lansing, Michigan

28 June-10 July 2009

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3rd International Conference on Collective Motion in Nuclei Under Extreme Conditions (COMEX3)

Mackinac Island, Michigan

2–5 June 2009

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Workshop on Atomic Physics with Rare Atoms

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan1-3

June 2009

The Eighth International Conference on Radioactive Nuclear Beams (RNB8)

Grand Rapids, Michigan

26-30 May 2009

5th ANL/MSU/JINA/INT FRIB Workshop on Bulk Nuclear Properties

East Lansing, Michigan

19-22 November 2008

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SRF Materials Science and Hydroforming Workshop

East Lansing, Michigan

29-31 October 2008

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Workshop on Experiments with Reaccelerated Beams at NSCL

East Lansing, Michigan
2 August 2008
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10th International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos (NIC X)

27 July – 1 August 2008

Symposium on Careers of NSCL Alumni

East Lansing, Michigan
7 June 2008
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Nuclear Structure 2008 (NS2008)

East Lansing, Michigan
3–6 June 2008
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NSCL User Workshop 2008

East Lansing, Michigan
2 June 2008
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Fragment Separator Experts Meeting

East Lansing, Michigan31 March - 2 April, 2008fse08 at


Future Prospects for Spectroscopy and Direct Reactions

East Lansing, Michigan26-28 February 2008fp2008 at

NSCL TPC Workshop

East Lansing, Michigan6-7 December 2007

Workshop on Nuclei and Mesoscopic Systems (PDF)

East Lansing, Michigan
20–22 October 2007

NSCL User Workshop 2007

East Lansing, Michigan
16–17 August 2007

Sixth Summer School on Exotic Beam Physics

East Lansing, Michigan6–11 August 2007

Methods of Direct Nuclear Reactions

East Lansing, Michigan9–20 April 2007

US Particle Accelerator School

Lansing, Michigan4–15 June 2007

MoNA Summer Workshop

East Lansing, Michigan20–23 July 2006Organized by the MoNA collaboration

Charge Breeder Workshop

East Lansing, Michigan19–20 June 2006

NSCL User Workshop 2006

East Lansing, Michigan
May 31–June 2, 2006

Opportunities in low-energy nuclear astrophysics

East Lansing, Michigan
May 25–26, 2006

Opportunities with re-accelerated beams

East Lansing, Michigan
May 1–2, 2006

Superconducting Radio Frequency Materials Research Workshop

East Lansing, Michigan
March 17, 2006

JINA School on Tools and Toys in Nuclear Astrophysics

East Lansing, Michigan
February 13–17, 2006

Symposium on Advances in Rare Isotope Research

In Memory of Gregers Hansen
East Lansing, Michigan
November 5, 2005

Frontiers 2005

East Lansing, Michigan
August 10–22, 2005

Direct Reactions with Exotic Beams DREB2005

East Lansing, Michigan
June 22–25, 2005

NSCL User Workshop 2005

East Lansing, Michigan
August 18–20, 2005

Second Argonne/MSU/JINA/INT RIA Theory Workshop

"Reaction Mechanisms for Rare Isotope Beams"
East Lansing, Michigan
March 9–12, 2005

Workshop on Nuclei and Mesoscopic Physics

East Lansing, Michigan
October 23–26, 2004

NSCL User Workshop 2004

East Lansing, Michigan
October 25–26, 2004

New Perspectives on p-Shell Nuclei - The Nuclear Shell Model and Beyond

East Lansing, Michigan
July 22–24, 2004

JINA Workshop on Charge Exchange Reactions

East Lansing, Michigan
May 31–June 4, 2004

RIA Facility Workshop 2004

East Lansing, Michigan
March 9–13, 2004

NSCL User Workshop 2003

East Lansing, Michigan
September 27–28, 2003

MoNA Collaboration Meeting 2003

East Lansing, Michigan
August 16, 2003

STAR Collaboration Meeting

2003 Summer Meeting of the STAR Collaboration at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC).
East Lansing, Michigan
August 11–16, 2003

Second RIA Summer School on Exotic Beam Physics

The RIA summer school is jointly organized by the 88-Inch Cyclotron, ATLAS, HRIBF, and NSCL, and is an annual event, rotating among these laboratories.
East Lansing, Michigan
August 4–7, 2003

NSCL User Workshop 2002

East Lansing, Michigan
October 13, 2002

APS Division of Nuclear Physics (DNP)

2002 Fall Meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics, American Physical Society
East Lansing, Michigan
October 9–12, 2002

I. Workshop of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics

The r process—new experimental, theoretical, and observational opportunities
Gull Lake, Michigan
October 6–8, 2002


A workshop focused on the technologies relevant to the development of large strip detector arrays for nuclear physics
East Lansing, Michigan
May 31–June 2, 2002

Heavy Ion Reactions and Matter Under Extreme Conditions Workshop

East Lansing, Michigan
November 16–17, 2001


Inauguration of the Coupled Cyclotron Facility & Users Workshop
East Lansing, Michigan
July 27–28, 2001


International Conference on
Cyclotrons and Their Applications
East Lansing, Michigan
May 13–17, 2001


Symposium on Science with Radioactive Beams
Honolulu, Hawaii
December 14–19, 2000


Nuclear Structure 2000
East Lansing, Michigan
August 15–19, 2000

RIA 2000 Workshop

A workshop to discuss the science of the Rare Isotope Accelerator
Durham, North Carolina
July 24–26, 2000


2nd International Conference on Exotic Nuclei and Atomic Masses
Shanty Creek Resort, Bellaire, Michigan
June 23–27, 1998