Recent Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of nuclei and few neutron systems

Stefano Gandolfi, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Tuesday, Nov 14, 11:00 AM - Theory Seminar
1200 FRIB Laboratory

Abstract:  Many progresses have been made in developing nuclear Hamiltonians within the framework of chiral effective field theory. In particular, the develop of chiral interactions that are fully local opened the way of implementing these Hamiltonians in Quantum Monte Carlo calculations. The advantage of using Quantum Monte Carlo methods is that they are not limited to use soft interactions, and calculations dedicated to explore the role of cutoffs can be done. I will devote part of this talk in discussing several new results for nuclei up to A=16, and addressing several questions regarding the prediction power of these Hamiltonians, and issues related to regulators and cutoffs. I will show properties like energies, radii, form factors, and others. In the second part of the talk I will show new results of few neutron resonances. While several experiments have been very recently proposed to measure four- (and three-) neutron resonances, on the theory side several calculations give very different results. I will show how our calculations suggest that three-neutron resonances might be lower than four-neutrons.