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NSCL Research Highlighted by US Department of Energy

NSCL research on Streamlining the Nuclear Force is highlighted by the US Department of Energy. You can read more at the US Department of Energy, Office of Science page.

Mystery Surrounding Neutron Stars Heats Up

Scientists have long thought that nuclear reactions within the crust of a neutron star contributed to the heating of the star’s surface. However, new research recently published in Nature by a team at Michigan State University has researchers rethinking that...

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Projectile Fragmentation as a Tool to Observe Shell Effects Close to the Neutron Drip-Line
Oleg Tarasov, MSU NSCL
October 23, 11:00 AM
Research Discussion

Understanding Aggregation Diseases from Physical Principles
Lisa Lapidus, MSU P&A
October 23, 4:10 PM
Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

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Video: GRETINA Comes to NSCL

GRETINA is a new detector that has been setup and is working in tandem with the S800 Spectrograph in the S3 vault. A collaborative effort between many laboratories and institutions throughout the United States, GRETINA is spending its summer conducting experiments at NSCL before moving on to another laboratory to be utilized by its facilities.

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